You're doing all the things...


...piecing business tactics together from a gazillion sources and constantly tweaking to try to make your business work online


...jumping from task to task, feeling more overwhelmed by the day because everything feels important and you don't know what to do first


...writing content and posting everywhere online, just like the experts recommend, feeling frustrated because you're not getting clients


...and not making enough money from your business to support your life

Getting Clients can be Really Freakin' Hard! 

When you're missing any of these key elements


Clarity on you, your zone of genius, as well as who you serve and the problem you solve for them so you know what to say and share online. 


These are the strategic business systems that help you work smarter to engage, nurture, and convert your target audience into paying clients. 


This is all about elevating to and embracing the mindset, heart and energy vibration of the successful entrepreneur you want to become. 

Hey there, I'm Michele!


I'm a business coach for female entrepreneurs (coaches/healers) who want to get more clients so they can make more money and create a bigger impact in the world.

Together we'll build out a customized plan that works for you and moves you forward to business success.  

Take a look at how I work with clients below.

Who I work with...

Clients typically hire me because they have a big vision but they don't have the elements of clarity, strategic systems, and soul in place to monetize what they do.


They don't know...

  • how and where to find their target audience online

  • what to say in their content

  • and how to convert their target audience into paying clients


My favorite people to work with are women entrepreneurs who are in love with their work, they know their shit, and they're on a mission to use their gifts to change lives. They just need a guidance and support to make decisions and take action in their business. 


It's time!...

Now more than ever, the world is calling for change! It's time for women to step more fully into their feminine power and brilliantly lead the way to higher levels of consciousness that benefits everyone.


If this sounds like you, keep reading...

Here's how I work with my clients...

The cornerstone of my Launch & Grow system is getting clarity because clarity is the foundation of everything you do in your business to get clients. From this clarity, we'll tackle how to streamline finding, engaging, and converting prospective clients into paying clients.


The things we tackle might include:

  • Target Market Research
  • Structure + Write Killer Content
  • Customize + Systematize an Online Marketing Plan
  • Build a Simple Offer Ladder
  • Design a Simple Streamlined Sales Funnel
  • Master the Sales Conversation 


We may not be able to do EVERYTHING on your list, depending on what size program you opt for. But I can give you an idea of how much we can tackle during our time together.


Want to find out more about how to get started... or just get a feel for my coaching "vibe"?


Let's chat...


We'll talk about you, your business, what you want to create and what's holding you back. Then I'll give you my ideas and recommendations. If it seems like the Launch & Grow system would be a good fit for you, we'll talk about it and you can ask me all your questions. 



Not Ready to Work With Me Yet?


Getting crystal clear on YOU, your BUSINESS BRAND, and your TARGET AUDIENCE is essential to getting clients. Grab your printable copy of The Profitable Coach Roadmap now.



Diana Estrada, California USA

“Michele is a nurturing intuitive for women entrepreneurs.”

“Her unique brilliance is in coaching on soul of your brand with care so you can go out and make a difference with your business.”

Gwen Dempsey, Georgia USA

“I felt like it was time to choose another path with my business, but I wasn’t sure what direction to take. I was blown away by the coaching I received from Michele. As a result, I’m crystal clear on what I want to bring to the world, who my ideal client is (including their pain points, dreams and desires), and how to create messaging to attract them.

“Michele has a true understanding of what a business owner needs in place to make their business profitable. She’s a true professional who genuinely cares about her clients’ results.”

Valencia Mole, London UK

“I wanted to refine my niche to include another area of my expertise and articulate it in a way that wouldn’t confuse the purpose of my brand and business. I needed clarity because it was holding me back.

“I have to give Michele a big “thank you” as she coached me through this breakthrough! I’m super excited to see what else is possible now that I’m connecting and speaking to people about the work I do and I’m already attracting more of my ideal clients that need and want what I uniquely have to offer and specialize in.”

Liz Green, Canada

“I wasn’t sure how I would implement anything I learned (from Money Personality Reading) into my life. What I did learn was how personality traits can display themselves in subtle ways – they are really in everything we do.

“It wasn’t just “woo-woo.” There were real results from it. She helped me understand why I’ve struggled for so long with my money. And after working together, I had an actionable plan for how to work better with my personality type and my money.

“Michele has an encouraging attitude and is very insightful. I liked how she took control of the session and directed it confidently. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to better understand the layers of their personality that subconsciously play into their actions.”

Gloria Murasa, New Zealand

“Before working with Michele, I wasn’t sure how to handle potential client concerns and hesitations when they came up during sales conversations.

“After working with Michele, I now have a clear strategy and script to use during discovery calls helping me to feel more confident in conveying the value of my program to potential clients. As a result, I picked up a new client last week!

“Michele is so generous in teaching what she knows and she’s passionate about seeing others succeed.” 

Africa Archield, Texas USA

“Michele is amazingly easy to talk with as she guides you through the branding process. She cares deeply about her work. I felt cared for and heard. 

“She pressed me in the kindest way to refine my one-liner. The work we did together allowed me to dig deeper into me, refresh my brand, and move in a new direction. As a result, I picked up two new clients within a week! Thanks for all you do, Michele!“

Pia Jansson, California USA

“Michele nailed my personality around money, from my past to now.

“It was really interesting to see how the challenges I’ve had around money throughout my life were identified in each of my top three archetypes. 

“I recommend Michele warmly, she’s very intuitive, generous and filled with ideas. I now know what actions that I can take next.“

Laura Benson, South Dakota USA

“My overall coaching experience with Michele was that it really helped me see the areas that I struggled with in a new perspective, it provided accountability that made transformation inevitable, and when I was stuck Michele helped me troubleshoot and refocus my attention on the solution I wanted to experience. 

“During our coaching many things came to the surface that I never realized, and I’m not sure they would have with me trying to get a handle on it myself. Michele helped me see that it was only me getting in my own way and holding myself back from what I wanted to achieve. Continue to do this work you were meant for, Michele. It’s life changing!”

Niobe Weaver, California USA

“My momentum for my business had stalled due to a move and personal challenges, and I wanted to see if Michele could help me get fired up again.

“I loved the Money Personality reading and the additional sessions. Michele helped me see what I have to offer, what I really want, and the amazing potential that is really there. The BEST part… I was able to turn off the switch of my critical voice!

“She helped me see I was living in victim energy, which kept me in resistance. I now feel and know I have a super viable, attainable, personal goldmine of a business. I’m an amazing rockstar Healer/Teacher business woman who makes $500K a year!! Wahoo!!

“Working with Michele helped clear out all my doubts by reflecting to me what I truly have. Give her a call. You will see yourself in a completely new way!”

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