Not Getting Clients? You Need To Check Your Vibrational Frequency!

Nov 27, 2021
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Do you sometimes get discouraged because you're doing all the things to get noticed - you're posting on social media, you're being of service in facebook groups, and you're trying to build relationships with potential clients... and you're still not getting clients?


If this is you, you are in the right place because we’re talking about something really important today beyond just business strategy!


And, YES, there are strategic things you can put into place for sure, and I address that strategy in other videos and blog posts.


But today I want to talk about how your vibrational frequency and universal law factor into what you’re experiencing in your business.  


Let’s start with your vibration frequency…


What is Vibrational Frequency?


We live in a world that is made of energy!


Science estimates that the human body is made up of 30 trillions cells. And if we had a powerful enough microscope, we’d see that our cells are made of subatomic particles called atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons.


Science has also proven that when we look even more closely at these subatomic particles, we find that they are made up of mostly space and energy waves that are in constant motion. 


That means even humans (that's you and me) are made of energy and that energy is vibrating!


What’s even more interesting...


Those subatomic particles are influenced by your perception. 


That’s right!...



What you think, believe and feel influences your energy and vibrational frequency.


Vibrational energy experts claim that emotions and thought patterns vibrate at different frequencies of vibration.


They've actually scaled the emotions we feel.


The feel-good emotions represented at the high-end of the emotional scale create higher frequency vibrations. Whereas, the emotions at the low-end of the emotional scale vibrate at a lower rate.


You can check that out in the book “Power vs. Force”. Inside this book Dr. David Hawkins shares his Map of Consciousness that correlates emotions on a vibratory scale. 


I just want to put my two cents in here...


As an energy practitioner for almost 2 decades, I can attest to this being true. In my Elevate Program, we do a deep dive into how your body is energy, how to harness your mind and universal laws, and apply all of this to elevate any area of your life, including your business.


That said, I’m sure you’ve experienced different vibrational states of energy in your environment. 


Just think back to a time where you entered a room where things felt heavy or stuffy and you later found out that someone had been fighting or arguing. 


You were picking up on that low-vibe energy that was bouncing up against your personal energy field, right?


And you may not have known what was going on, but energetically your body communicated that something was up even if you couldn't put a finger on why you felt kinda weird.


That was your energy system communicating to your body's nervous system!


Your physical body actually has 3 energy functions:


  • to receive energy
  • to transmit energy
  • to transmute energy


Your body receives information from your environment in the form of energy vibrations, your body transmits a vibrational frequency that matches your thinking-feeling state, and you are able to transmute any vibrational frequency by shifting your thinking-feeling state.


Pretty cool, right?


When you’re thinking thoughts of lack about your business, you are projecting that vibrational frequency out into the world. If you are desperate to get clients in your business, you are sending out desperation energy into the world.


You are continually receiving energy, transmitting energy and you have the ability to transmute energy. 


And here's a big secret I'm gonna share with you...



That's right!...


You cannot receive or transmit a different vibrational frequency unless you are resonating at that frequency.


Understanding this is a foundational piece of the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws that govern our world.


That brings us to Universal Law.


What is Universal Law?


Here’s a condensed version of what Universal Law is.


Our universe is governed by a set of universal laws. These laws are thought to be the natural, essential and unchanging laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always intuitively known.


Understanding universal law does these things for you:


  • It shows you how to master your life.
  • It gives you insight as to how you ended up where you are.
  • It shows you how to trust.
  • It shows you how to create the flow to reach your goals and desires. 


One caveat is that it doesn't matter if you know what these laws are, or if you believe in them, they still govern our world.


How does this relate to your business and getting clients?


You are a masterful and powerful co-creator of your life. 


Even if you don’t realize it. And... even if circumstances cause you to think that statement is not true for you.


Learn how harness the power of your own mind, and you'll control your vibrational frequency!


This will be huge for your creative powers!


When you’re thinking…


  • I don’t have enough clients.
  • How am I gonna pay my bills this month.
  • I don’t know what to say to my target audience.
  • I suck at learning all this tech stuff.


Those thoughts are setting in motion a negative feeling state...


  • Feeling desperation to get clients.
  • Feeling a lack of money in your bank account.
  • Feeling frustration of how to show up and stand out.
  • Feeling overwhelm by technology.


All of those thoughts and emotions resonate at a lower vibrational frequency than what you want to create and experience in your business.


I know you want...


  • an abundance of clients. 
  • your client roster to be full of your ideal clients. 
  • to see your bank account grow. 
  • to feel great about what you’re sharing in your content.
  • to make a difference, create bigger impact, and change lives. 


All these feel-food thoughts put your canoe in the water pointing downstream with the flow of the current at your back!


Just sharing what you want to happen feels more exciting and empowering than focusing on what’s not happening. 


Doesn’t it?!


Focusing on what’s not happening causes like-thoughts and emotions. And that causes you to point your canoe upstream and fighting against the current. 


No wonder it doesn’t feel good! 


It’s exhausting to fight against the current, right?!


The Law of Attraction states that like-vibrational frequency attracts like-vibrational frequency.


It works just like a boomerang!


So when you put those good feeling thoughts and emotions into your current vibration bubble, you’ll be incubating yourself in the energy of what you want.


And the Law of Attraction must match that frequency!


Not only does it raise your vibration, it uplevels how you see things so you can see more opportunities as they show up in your energy field.


That’s just one universal law that you can apply in your business! There are so many more that we’re going to discuss in future video episodes.


Here’s the Takeaway for Today:



Everything is made of energy and has a vibrational frequency, including your physical body, your thoughts and emotions!



If you’re not sure if you’re vibrating a high frequency, take a look at what’s showing up in your experiences. Your experiences will show you if you’re putting out a low-vibe or high-vibe frequency.



The universe always matches whatever energy you put out into the world and you attract like-vibrational experiences.



The last thing is that you are a powerful co-creator in your life and business. You have free will and choice regarding what kind of energy you want to put out into the world and into your business.


Most Importantly...

Keep your focus on what you want.

Be in the vibrational frequency that correspond to those desires. 

In your business, create content and make decisions from that vibrational state.

Expect to see and experience the best of life. And be on the lookout for opportunities as they appear in your energy field.

When you do, you will experience what you desire in your business.

It is Law! It cannot not happen.


So Tell Me in the Comments...


What is the vibrational frequency that you're running in your business?

Are you high-vibe or low-vibe?

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