3 Common Mistakes That Make It Really Freakin' Hard To Get Clients

Oct 07, 2021
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Are you doing all the things and still not getting clients?


This is hands down the biggest struggle I hear people talk about when it comes to being an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, especially if you are marketing your business online.


You know, in my private Facebook Community (THE PROFITABLE COACH COMMUNITY), I ask three questions when you join and one of those questions is "what is your biggest struggle in your business" and you tell me that getting client is your biggest struggle.


And that's why I want to talk about 3 common mistakes that make it really freakin' hard to get clients. 


Mistake #1: Lack of Clarity


This one is a biggy and  here’s how that shows up...


You’re amazing at what you do and I know you can help anyone as a coach/healer. But going general doesn’t work when we’re talking about marketing your business.


Niching Down is key!


Now there’s mixed information out there about whether or not you have to niche down. And I’m gonna nip that in the bud right here and now and be really honest with you.


You need to niche down if you want to build a profitable business.


And let me share why.


Niching down helps you create …


  • a targeted marketing message
  • it allows you to create killer content


Think about it… if you needed brain surgery, would you want a general surgeon or a brain surgeon to do your brain surgery?


Of course, you’d want a surgeon who does brain surgery everyday and specializes in brain surgery.


The brain surgeon doesn’t hop around and tell people he does all kinds of surgery. He hammers a stake in the ground, gets his education in surgery of the brain, and then he becomes known as an expert at brain surgery.


Now that’s who I want to do surgery on my brain, if I need it.


You also need clarity on what you do using your zone of genius and clarity on who you serve!


Now, most biz coaches out there will have you put your focus on who you help. And don’t get me wrong, that’s very important.


But I do it differently...


I want you to start with YOU!


You can start with YOU by answering these questions:


  • What lights you up the most?
  • What talents, gifts, knowledge and experience do you bring to the table that will make you unique and stand out at what you do?


Get clarity on YOU and your zone of genius, so that you confidently know what you bring to the table.


Then it’s time to focus on the WHO...


  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What are their biggest problems, struggles and desires?
  • And how will WHAT YOU DO help them solve their biggest problems and reach their biggest desires?


I go into this more deeply in my Profitable Coach RoadmapGrab it by clicking on the image below...





Mistake #2: Copycatting and Comparing


The second mistake commonly made that mades it really freakin' hard to get clients is Copycatting and Comparing, and here's how that shows up...


You’ve downloaded the umpteenth freebie on how to create your content or how to show up on IG or Facebook, or you’re signing up for yet another training that promises “the secret” to doing something else in your business.


And I’m not saying other people’s stuff won’t help you.


But when you’re always trying to copy what the gurus are doing, you don’t find your own voice and your own way.


Often, you just end up feeling like a fraud, your message doesn’t feel authentic, and it doesn’t land with your target audience.


And I’ve got another truth bomb for you here... 



Being in business for yourself is really hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


You have to keep in mind that a lot of the gurus that you’re following that make doing business look easy and perfect – they’ve been doing this for a long time. Usually years or decades longer than you.  


I was guilty of this.


I didn’t copycat the gurus exactly but by focusing on them and what they were doing and comparing myself to them, it was really setting me up to experience failure.


I didn’t fully own my own brilliance.


You see I’ve been doing energy work for 20+ years. I had a natural gift of working with energy and just knowing things about people without them having to tell me. Two of my biggest interests are figuring out how people tick and using Universal Law in how I coach clients. It's my wheelhouse and what I'm really good at.


But I wasn’t highlighting those gifts when I marketed and talked about my business because I really didn’t have a good business role model.


I was trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.


And as a result, I felt inauthentic when I talked about what I did. My message didn’t land and it was really freakin hard to get clients.


Trying to follow someone else’s model took me a lot longer to figure out what my message was, step into my own brilliance, and brand my business in a unique way based on listening to my own inner wisdom and owning my zone of genius.


Copycatting and comparing kept me from finding my own path to success.


That ties back in to the Clarity piece.


When you know who you are and how you do YOU, it’s much easier to speak from your inner wisdom and brilliance and create a message that makes people think: “Wow! She’s talking to me. She really gets me. I need to work with her.”


And that brings us to the third mistake that can hold you back from getting clients…


Mistake #3: Low Vibration


The third commonly made mistake that makes it really freakin' hard to get clients is having a low vibration. 


Whether you realize it or not, how you feel causes you to send out either a positive or negative vibration into the world.


And here’s how having a low vibration shows up….


You’re thinking and talking about what you don’t want. Which is usually thinking, feeling and speaking:


“I don’t have enough clients”... or “I’m not making enough money from my business.”


In Law of Attraction speak, this is called "being stuck in the contrast". 


It means you’re focused on AND energizing what you don’t want.


Focusing on what you don’t want creates negative emotions, and it means you’re low-vibe AND sending out a frequency of lack and desperation into the universe.


And that kind of vibe and energy REPELS clients!


Here's another truth bomb for you...


The Universe doesn't care whether you are pretending and imagining the best-case scenario or complaining and worrying about the worst-case-scenario.



The Law of Attraction simply responds to your vibration and sends out matching experiences to your vibration.


Just like a boomerang!


So you’ve got to keep your focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.


And that really comes back to clarity!


You need clarity on what you want to create in your life.


And in your business, too! 


When you’re crystal clear on who you are, what you bring to the table, who you want to serve and what their biggest problems, struggles and desires are…


  • you’ll know what kind of content to create
  • how to engage your target audience
  • what kind of services and programs to create for them


You won’t have to copycat and compare yourself to others because you’ll be harnessing your inner wisdom and stepping into your own zone of genius.  


When you do this, not only will you feel really good, you’ll send out a higher vibration into the universe which will be magnetic to potential clients.


As a result, you’ll be able to see related opportunities when they show up, and you’ll be inspired to take the action to make it happen.


Now I promised I’d share the Profitable Coach Roadmap with you, and I want honor that promise.



You can get that FREE Roadmap at www.micanderson.com/roadmap.



Not only will The Profitable Coach Roadmap will help you see the steps you need to take to build a profitable business online, it’ll give you the nuts and bolts of how to:


  • get the clarity to claim who you really are
  • step into your zone of genius
  • formulate your brand promise
  • identify who your ideal client is
  • understand their biggest wake-up-in-the-morning problem
  • determine if they're willing to invest money to resolve this problem
  • discover the outcome they really want (it's not the same thing as the biggest problem they have)
  • receive guidance on how to do your market research, which will give you a goldmine of content creation ideas. 


So go and get the Profitable Coach Roadmap and get to work finding clarity on your business AND start eliminating you confusion, copycatting and comparing, and sending out a low vibe into the universe.


The Roadmap will help you eliminate all these three commonly made mistakes that are making it really freakin’ hard for you to get clients.



Watch the video below that goes along with this article... 





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